How does it work?

Statler is: multi user | multi property | multi currency | multi language | online SAAS | instantly deployed

Statler offers: quick insight in numbers | a license per hotel, not per user | full functionality for all users | users with rights to data specifically accessible to them | organized audit trail


Statler is the online tool to create and maintain hotel budgets, keep track of and update the forecast, and output this data both as financial reports as well as graphically presented KPI's. The online workflow of the processing of data enables the hotels to work with and modify their data simultaneously with multiple users. Furthermore all output of the management information can be reported on individual hotel level, or consolidated on group of whole chain level.


Statler can be used by hotel chains, but also by individual hotels. The configuration offers the possibilities to create the hotel setup on different levels (chain, group, hotel, department, outlet and ledger account) enabling the application to seamlessly integrate with the financial and operational setup of any hotel company. Additionally, Statler offers an 'out of the box' ledger schedule based upon the Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry (USALI) which makes configuration quick and easy. Statler is up and running within a day.

The different users within the organization are created with a specific set of rights. This enables access to the correct data for the users, and makes sure they can only view or modify the data as set up by their rights profile.


Once the configuration is done, the budget data can be entered. Hotel employees can each enter the budget data for their own departments, but this can also be done on central level. Entering of this data is done on the level of ledger accounts. While it is possible to enter all data manually, Statler is also equipped with an extensive set of calculation tools. Using these tools, much of the data entry can be automated, by creating dependencies in the budget based on core data.

The budget entry screen gives a clear overview of 12 months visible side by side, while in the same time it dynamically displays and updates all data while entering and make sure totals are available instantly.


After the budget has been approved, that process can be closed by freezing it. At the same time, the forecast data is created for the same year. During the year, this forecast data can be updated frequently in a screen identically to the budget screen. Of course, the calculations from the budget are also copied to the forecast, which makes keeping the forecast up to data an easy task.


Every month the actual month totals are transferred from the accounting software into the Statler platform. The dynamic data upload function in Statler makes it possible to connect to any accounting system. Manual entry of the month actual data is also available. In addition to the monthly financial data, the monthly statistics can also be imported.


The KPI's most relevant to the user are being displayed in a graphical way in a dashboard, that is configurable by the users themselves. In these KPI's, the actual data is being presented compared to budget, forecast and last year data. This data can be displayed consolidated on chain level, on sub group level or on the level of an individual hotel. Data is presented per month, or year to date. Additionally, it is possible to drill down into this data, making it possible to compare regions with regions, or individual hotels with each other. The data can also be presented in an overview of multiple months side by side.


Statler generates multiple reports based on the data entered. It includes the full set of P&L reports, both on top level as well as in a more detailed views in the form of departmental cover pages. Additionally, an extensive forecast report is available. These reports have been pre-configured, and are therefore available out of the box. The reports are available instantly when the month actual data has been uploaded.

The data on the reports is presented both per month, and on a year to data basis. And of course, also the reports can be generated on individual hotel level, or consolidated on group or chain level.

Next to that it is possible to make corrections in the consolidated reports based on configurable intracompany transaction corrections on chain level.